Our Business

We bring a winning edge to our customers in the oral and personal healthcare marketplace. It's our quality products, exceptional value, outstanding innovation and unparalleled customer service that help you earn brand loyalty from your consumers.

Extensive Product Range

With Ranir as your category management partner, you can take advantage of the world's largest and broadest portfolio of store brand products in seven device categories because we:

  • Manufacture and supply more floss and flossers than anyone else in the world
  • Lead in most store brand markets with our toothbrushes and tooth whiteners
  • Produce a wide range of products for global store brand markets

Our customers and their brands trust Ranir to manufacture their products and provide innovative business solutions. They recognize our commitment to advancing product technology and development. And they value our capabilities in product development, consumer insight and category expertise.

Through our fully integrated service model, you can source your oral and personal healthcare products from a single point of contact. This total service proposition brings together our expertise in:

  • Critical technical areas
  • Product and technology innovation
  • Speed to market
  • Category management and research-based consumer insights
  • Competitive intelligence
  • Marketing expertise in product positioning and packaging

International Coverage

Ranir is uniquely positioned to support our customers in international markets. With an extensive presence in Europe, we are the oral care supplier of choice for many leading global retailers.

Customers can benefit from our strong relationships with global suppliers that support our commitment to provide quality and innovation at competitive cost.

It's our commitment to exceed expectations that gives our customers the confidence to choose Ranir as their category management partner across the world.

We bring a winning edge to our customers in the oral and personal healthcare marketplace.

Industry-leading product technology and development, sales, and category insight give customers a competitive strategic advantage.


A global portfolio of resources gives Ranir the right tools to make the right products for our customers.