Features interdental bristle tufts shaped to clean between teeth; a sleek, angled neck and rubber grips ensure easy handling. Endorsed by professionals as effective in removing plaque and reducing gingivitis when used as directed as part of a program of good oral hygiene including regular visits to the dentist.

Compares to

Reach® Interdental.


Reach® is a registered trademark of the Johnson & Johnson Corporation.

Features & Benefits
  • Interdental bristle trim is shaped to clean between teeth and other tooth surfaces. 
  • Rubber grips provide comfort and control while brushing.
  • Tapered head and angled neck to easily reach back teeth.
  • White handle with green, blue, or purple grips.
Product & Package
  • Soft, medium or firm bristles.
  • Regular head.
  • Blue, green and purple.
  • Available in single packs, two-packs, and three-packs.
  • Assorted colors per case.