Tapered head and angled neck to easily clean difficult-to-reach places. Bi-level bristles help to remove plaque from along the gum line. Textured tongue and cheek cleaner on back of toothbrush head removes more odor-causing bacteria than brushing alone. Rubber handle grip for better control.

Compares to

Reach® Advanced Design. 


Reach® is a registered trademark of the Johnson & Johnson Corporation.

Features & Benefits
  • Tapered head and angled neck.
  • Bi-level bristles.
  • Textured tongue and cheek cleaner.
  • Reaches difficult places.
  • Removes plaque along gum lines.
  • Removes bacteria.
Product & Package
  • Soft, medium or firm bristles.
  • Full head.
  • White handle with yellow, orange, purple or green grips.
  • Available in single and 2-packs.
  • Assorted colors per case.